3 Qualities Keywords Should Possess

3 Qualities Keywords Should PossessSearch Engine Optimisation is an indispensable tool for every business website today. Entrepreneurs no longer have second thoughts in splurging cash to purchase the most sophisticated tools to increase traffic on their websites. When your SEO works, there’s a 90% chance that your business is likely to prosper and generate more income, but before jumping in to that, think of what could make your SEO work and function the way you want it to.

This is where the importance of having a good content writer comes in. Why? A good content writer would know how to use keywords appropriately. Using keywords repetitively helps your site’s optimisation but make sure your sentences still make sense despite it being used so many times in one write-up. Your keywords also need to possess certain qualities for it to serve you well.

These are the three basic qualities that your keywords should possess:


When you are given a set of keywords, one of the most challenging parts is to determine where these keywords will be placed. To start with, you should place keywords in the title, tags, meta tags, descriptions, headers and not to forget the text content itself. Proper placing will also play a vital role in determining your keywords’ relevance which is the next important quality.

2. It should be RELEVANT

As mentioned, you don’t want to keep on repeating keywords and end up with irrelevant statements. If a prospect or client is really interested in your product or service, he or she is likely to thoroughly read what’s written in your site and even scrutinise the small details to validate your expertise.

Ensure that the keywords used have relevant connection to the subject of your website. Know that relevance of keywords and how they could create a big impact in people reading the content of your website and the better content, the greater the traffic would be and the lieklyhood it will be shared too.

3. Sufficient and Appropriate KEYWORD DENSITY

The prevalence of the keywords in the website’s content has a direct relation to its relevance. However, it doesn’t mean that more keywords is equal to greater relevance. The challenge is to ensure the equilibrium between prevalence and relevance. An important step to take is to determine strategies on keeping that balance. Do not sacrifice the quality of your content for the sake of having numerous keywords and vice versa.

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By Adrian Fleming