3 Simple ways to make your content a hit

3 Simple ways to make your content a hit

When was the last time you read a good book and shared it to friends? Maybe, it was a few days, a few weeks or a few months ago. But after reading it, what made it so compelling that you needed to share it to friends and to the world?  That my friends, is just like content marketing, it has to be something you want to share with people you respect and want to help.

With the enormous and almost limitless possibilities that the web offers, it is crucial to know how you can  make your idea stand out above the “noise” so it can be heard. It is important to determine how your content could impact people and for you to achieve that you will have to go through a series of trial and error steps.

Since you want to avoid any pitfalls, we have listed below three basic and easy ways to make sure your content will be a sure hit!

1. Write about something significant and meaningful for your audience.

Content marketing isn’t simply a sales pitch for you to sell your product, it goes

deeper than that. Content is the creative lifeblood of any product on the market. With the right choice of topic and words, one can create compelling messages which can boast shares, likes, and eventually result in a good number of hits to your website.  This may sound simple but the truth is your topic and its significance to the readers can make or break your content marketing. Choose a topic that makes sense and a difference in your readers’ lives, even if it’s a small difference (but bigger is better).

Through this approach you should expect people to continually read your posts (but don’t get complacent as each post has to be good). Another tip is personify your  content as if it were a real person with a real story to tell, make it come alive and make it memorable.

2. Be mindful of timing.

You also need to carefully consider what goes on in society, particular the trends and updates, and by doing so, you can determine when particular content should be published or posted. When master the art of perfect timing for your content it creates more value, depth and in effect, makes people share your content even more since it connects with what in vogue.

3. Take advantage of the power of social media

Marketing, PR and advertising have truly evolved. With one click and in one second, a message can spread like wild fire into the different parts of the world; it is simply amazing so you need to take advantage of its power. Simply keep your social media accounts not only active but updated.  Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media accounts can simply do your marketing for you without spending too much so maximise its potential. Just always remember to keep your content significant and meaningful and post it at an appropriate time.


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