3 Techniques to make your emails to stand out

Techniques to make your emails to stand out

Imagine this: You log in your email address then it is redirected to the inbox section where a couple of unread e-mails lay idly awaiting to be read.

With a lot of emails sent to you every single day, which one stands out? Which one catches your attention and lastly, which one do you end up reading?

Time and again, it has been proven that the attention spans of Humans are fleeting. With a slim window of opportunity for these emails to clicked, opened and read by readers who have subscribed to your newsletters, one must do whatever it takes to exhaust his or her own creativity and use certain strategic methods, event those dirty little tricks for people to take notice. Below, are three helpful ideas for your emails not to be left unopened or thrown to the Recycle bin section.

#1 Have an interesting SUBJECT.

Skimming is an art perfected by many who does not have the luxury of time to bum around. With so many things to do in just a 24 hour cycle, you need to get things done, and sadly lounging around reading idly does not fit in that category. So when you do send emails, better make sure to keep the subject:

  • Interesting twist of words
  • Set the font in a different manner or keep the fonts BOLD.
  • Make sure the subject matter stirs all the five senses.

#2 Take on a Free Ride.

Ever been in a situation where, you open a web browser, search for topics…and lo and behold, the front news is something related to your emails? Well this is what I call a free ride.

Take this opportunity as a sacred sign and utilising the freshness of the news by creating an analogy between the current headlines and connecting the dots with your old emails.

Then, cite how compelling and significant the news is or better yet post a screenshot before the body of your email message and one last thing though, always get the freshest updates from reliable sources, that way, your emails would seem more competent and easily relatable.

#3 Utilise Social Media

Since the viral outbreak of social media, anybody can be somebody. Remember those kids in youtube? Even Justin Bieber started out that way and look where is he now. Rich and Famous.

Thus this leads me to conclude, to use, abuse, and befriend these social media sites where you can add these links below the body of your message which in turn can help your readers have further updates.

Social media has become a very important tool and integrating these tools into your emails can greatly help you with the time constraints and maximise the results that you need.

In its very essence, social media engages constant exchange of ideas in any part of the world, in any time of the day, and for whatever purpose it may serve to you and your readers, it is vital that these sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and many more should be greatly utilised.

Hence, as Niccolo Machiavelli once said: “The end justifies the means”. In this case, all tactical and strategic efforts must be done to grab the attention of the readers but of course one must also be mindful, uphold a certain standard of etiquette, and use relevant data to convey a convincing and reverent message to the readers.

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