3 Tips to generate more sales through Social Media

3 Tips to generate more sales through Social Media

It would be an understatement to say that social media is just a fad, a trend, and a craze. Looking at how it has affected the lives of many of us, we can safely conclude that social media is more than just for fun and with its advent many businesses have adapted to the new culture and integrated it as a form of marketing and advertising strategy.

Social media plays a crucial role in reaching out to a wider, larger, and but more targeted demographic, it has become an excellent platform for showcasing and selling various services and products online and offline; so the challenge is how to get noticed in social media. That’s why you need to think how to shine in social media?


It is important to be constant with your  updates. Keep your audience enticed and make them feel welcome. Bridge the gap between you and your customer through regular communication. Don’t leave them hanging, be disciplined and write for them at regular intervals (I recommend planning your posts, not posting ad-hoc but at the same time, don’t overdo it, people have so many things to do now that constant updated and post are likely to make you less attractive to your network of social friends.


Remember that social media requires followers, likes, and other tools so don’t be afraid to be persistent in adding potential customers. Target an audience based on your specific market, the best way to again massive support is to be adding value to readers – sending messages, creating posts, having promotions and generally providing things that make your audience excited and loyal to your posts. But make sure though, you don’t over promise and under deliver, you have to and should want to maintain standards; you don’t want your customers or audience complaining how ineffective or sales led your social media is.


Aside from being persistent and honest with your social media posts, it is an inevitability that you can’t please everyone; So what do you do? Well its really simple.

Listen to their concerns. Knowing your audience’s sentiments is one of the hallmarks of great customer service. When you are selling a service or product on your social media accounts, keep the spirit of exceptional customer service alive too on these platforms that way people will will stay loyal to you and recommend your business to others, increasing sales and bringing in more profit.


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