4 Essential Blogging TipsEssential Blogging Tips

A blogging career seems easy. Well, let me just say its not,  it’s really not! Like everything else in life, everything has to start out small  until it becomes big enough to get noticed. The freedom to work anytime and anywhere and a chance to earn with no great effort seems like a wonderful situation but again, that’s a big misconception. It is hard and challenging to be a blogger that makes money.

Not every blogger gets the attention or hits he or she have hoped and worked for, but if you keep searching you can find what secret formula.  Well, actually it’s no  secret at all since it simply requires common sense , but to help you, here are Four Essential Blogging Tips that will help you succeed in blogging.

1. Marry your blog.

You have to constantly communicate with (talk to an listen to) your target audience and take time each day to stick to a schedule when posting entries, by doing so, you will ultimately build a larger audience and create trust.

2.  Get a back-up. USE SEO.

It was built for a reason and that reason when it comes to blogging is to use it and abuse it to position your blog. Due to the competitive market, good content is not enough now; you need SEO to get a good rank in Google and other search engines.  Always remember though to keep your SEO ways legitimate, that way when you reach the top you can stay there for as long as you want  .

Also, Google loves new and fresh articles. So make sure you post something every day or every few days to keep your audience updated and interested. A simple rule is: the more you post, the greater the exposure. The greater the exposure, the more traffic you get.


Your blog needs constant updates as we all know, but linking and posting it in your social media accounts will massively increase its views and hits and take you viral status. Just like a firework, your social media accounts will give light to your blog and explode taking what you have further and to more people.

4. REPEAT steps 1,2 and 3 and never forget!


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