4 SEO Mistakes You Should NEVER Commit

4 SEO MistakesFact: Search Engine Optimisation is valuable to every website. If you want more traffic and a higher number of readers and subscribers then you need some good and honest SEO help.

SEO is a powerful tool but it should be carefully planned and implemented. It has to be done right for success.

I have listed below some SEO mistakes most people make (obviously you don’t but at least you can see what others do):

1. Looks over Content

Some people think that if the site looks good, the content will be overpowered. This is very wrong. If a site looks good, the higher expectation there is that you have meaningful, useful and SEO friendly content. Never be too complacent on the fact that looks can deceive your readers. Invest in your content and make keywords are properly used.

2. Keyword Overload

Again, make sure your keywords are properly used, they should be distributed throughout the article evenly. Keywords shouldn’t be used for the sake of having more of them on the content. And there are plenty of ways to help in this area free, you can even refer to our section and articles on SEO for more specific details regarding keywords (so advise anybody you know who may need the help to check website.co.uk and the free training).

3. Copy Cat

Coming up with original content is one of the biggest challenges as we can testify. The content should be interesting, inviting and enticing. It’s really hard right? But no matter how hard these parts is, never copy or even try to copy content from other sites especially if you are basically using the same keywords. Focus on coming up with topics and articles that will boost your site and show your authenticity as well.

4. Purchased Links

Purchased links give you sugar rush. By that I mean a temporary moment of happiness since you can see the dramatic increase in traffic but since Google is so powerful, you might get caught and get flagged. Better safe than sorry.

Manual linking is old and traditional but traditional ways are, most times, the safest and if done with the right strategy, are more likely to pay off and have long term value, not short term superficial results.

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By Adrian Fleming