4 Simple tricks to revolutionise your content marketing

revolutionise your content marketing - websiteHow can you convey a message of importance and value with uniqueness? In a world where it’s tough to overcome a lot of competition, standing out is a priority. Your content has to be read because by the fact that people are reading it, you are able to capture their attention and interest in your product, service or even a random thought.

However, in the process of trying to revolutionise your content marketing, you are left asking yourself “what should I do?” So what would be witty, clever, smart and an effective way to do it? Hard work is important but here are four simple tips to maximise your available resources in order to do it…

1. Friendly designs throughout various devices

Everyone loves the web and it has become a part of our daily lives but wait, we are also head over heels in love with our laptops, smartphones and tablets, but the fact is that these portable devices are like shadows – that just keep tagging along. Admit it, mobile and portable devices can totally ruin your day if you let them.

These devices offer great accessibility to almost everything and anything but as mentioned, therefore you must make your designs FRIENDLY to whatever devices available. Simply put, great content that can’t be opened by someone because their phone won’t let him is a total waste.

2. Consistent in thought and in voice

It is also important that your character, tone of voice and attitude that your content displays, is consistent all throughout your message. It’s just like telling a story or having a conversation to a friend. From the start of your message to the very end, you must stick to one voice so as not to confuse your audience and gives them as since of trust and confidence in your message.

3. Positioning

What does this mean? It means to get into the mind of your prospect leads and “tweak” what’s already in their minds to your benefit. Positioning is just like first impressions, it matters, it matters that you position yourself in their minds in a way that will create a long lasting positive impression on your audience.

Doing this involves various techniques, but the bottom line is to take everything as an opportunity. Also you should know your competition’s weaknesses and position your key attributes, to your audience, in a way that leverages your strengths against them.

4. Innovation and vision

Time and time again the best companies keep on improving their products and promoting them online, you need to be doing the same – people like the term New, they also use it as justification for spending money, so help them spend it.

It is also imperative to find new ways of promoting your content and expanding your horizons, learning about new ideas and developing skills to gain a larger audience or market.

Discipline and commitment matter but take your time, determine your effective strategies, keep measuring, learning and reacting to what works best for you and most of all stay committed, because by just doing these 4 things you could see your service or product selling like hotcakes!

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revolutionise your content marketing

By Adrian Fleming