5 Important Points to Remember About Business Blogging

5 Important Points to Remember About Business Blogging - website.co.uk

If you are a starting entrepreneur or new business owner and have not taken business blogging in to consideration yet, I hope this post finds you. Blogging is not as easy as it seems and integrating it in to your business just makes things harder.

It demands consistency, dedication and is very time-consuming but then again, it is without doubt a powerful tool that allows you to creatively express your business updates and could eventually take your business to higher levels.

If you want to give business blogging a shot, keep these things in mind.

Headlines Make a Difference

The headlines of your articles and blogs greatly matter. It serves as a teaser, a glimpse to what they are about to read and learn thus, you have to make it as enticing as possible without having to use unnecessary or too flowery words. Your headlines determine whether it’s worth clicking or not.

Simplicity Matters

Although mind tickling words and complex sentences seem impressive, the readers in general want something that’s easy to understand and comprehend. Therefore, if you want them to keep reading what you have written, infuse some thought provoking lines but keep it simple and real.

Spotlight on the Readers

Here’s one simple guide that never fails – It’s about them and not about you. You can do a thorough research on different topics and then break it down to pieces. Asking yourself related questions could also be valuable. Examples of these questions are the following:

  • What do people want to know about business? ( you can be more specific on the kind of business you have)
  • What are the trending topics on forums, blogs?
  • What are the products and tools that are creating buzz lately?
  • How can they capture more leads and make more sales?
  • How can they save with their overhead expenses, etc?

The greatest point here is that you are able to determine what your readers NEED and WANT.

First sentence attraction

Yes, headlines are important and so are the first few lines of your article. The entire content is general but the first few lines are more crucial. It has to mean something without giving out everything. If you nail this part, you get the chance to hook your readers and leave them wanting for more.

Consistency is the Key

Now that you have hooked your readers and determined what they need and want, deliver what you ought to deliver. Aside from keeping your articles honest and informative, make sure you stay consistent. If you update your blog twice a week, keep it that way or slowly progress to greater heights but never fall back. Speaking from my experience, this is one of the biggest struggles a blogger has to overcome.

Why? Everyone has their fair share of writers’ block, bad days, running out of ideas or simply lazy days but whatever it is, you have to compose yourself to get up and blog because your readers are waiting for you.

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By Adrian Fleming