8 things make results as close to a formality as possible

8 things make results

As promised, I wanted to make sure you knew the next piece of free video training is ready for you, explaining what I call the 8 pillars of successful interactive print are and a fantastic way to evaluate what you are doing in print and, if you are doing it already, with interactive print that I am positive will really help you get the results you want form your sales, marketing, advertising and PR.

So rather than take up your time on the email, head on over and watch the video, that way you can start to apply these techniques to your augmented reality, QR code, digital watermark, image recognition or even NFC enabled print starting today.


As always, this training is absolutely free and can be used no matter what you do or sell, where you are in the world, what your budget for doing interactive print is (because you can do what I show for free) and even if you are not very technically minded, so I highly recommend you invest a little bit of time and see what interactive print can do for you.

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