Can Webfire Really Boost Your Site’s Traffic?

Can Webfire Really Boost Your Site’s Traffic? - website

Being on the first page of search engines is likened to oxygen for many businesses these days. It has become more than an add on to a company’s marketing strategy but an indispensable necessity that should be constantly achieved day in and day out. One of the software that has created a buzz is Webfire.

It promises what every business is after of – a spot in the first page of Bing, Google or Yahoo and not only that, it actually tells you that it’s possible to do it in only 7 minutes and see its incredible results within 24 hours! Interesting right? The biggest question now is Can It Really Boost Your Site’s Traffic? Is this a real innovation or another product frustration?

At, Webfire is one of the resources we make us of. We have mentioned that we are harsh critics so you can always expect an honest to goodness review of the product we are also using.


The very first time you log in to Webfire, a set of training videos will be easily noticed. These training videos show simplified and easy to follow guide on using the 22 tools that make up Webfire. Since the tools are already uncomplicated, videos provided with comprehensive A-Z training of its usage, a newbie wouldn’t really be a newbie through Webfire’s training materials.

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I personally find Webfire’s interface user-friendly. May be some could find it confusing at first glance but if you have watched the videos and took time to familiarise yourself with the software settings then you should be good to go.

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Developing software like Webfire is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of time, patience and persistence to complete a project like that. The men behind Webfire, Shawn Casey and Brian Koz devoted more than 10 months and spent a whopping $100,000 to make Webfire available to the public. Shawn is a prominent name in the Internet Marketing world thus; you can trust that this product is of excellent quality. He believed that through Webfire, extraordinary possibilities are attained by its users.

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Believe it or not, 22 powerful tools make up Webfire. These tools are intricately and specifically designed to generate more traffic to your website. One of the tools is Video Firestorm which creates keywords for target videos in a snap.

There are two Domain tools – one finds keywords and then provides a list of expired domains while the Keyword Domain Finder goes beyond expired domains but also available domains.

It is a crucial factor to have your keywords in your domain because it can significantly increase the traffic to the website. Another group of tools that is undeniably valuable is the Site tools. It analyses your website and determines the hits and misses.

SEO Inferno allows you to make use of a Webfire plug in which allows you to control the use of titles, keywords and descriptions. The best thing about it partly assures you that you wouldn’t mess up WordPress so it gets your desired ranking.

Other tools included in Website which are definitely worth checking out are Press News Storm, Article tools, Keyword tools and Lead tools. However some of the tools need Java for it to run so make sure you could make Java work in your computer, whether you have Windows or Mac.

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  • There are three price packages available if you decide to purchase Webfire.
  • $99/month (Good) – Full power of Webfire
  • $49.83/month or $299/6 months (Better ) – Premium access to Webfire
  • $41.58/month or $499/year (Best) – Full year of Webfire

Webfire offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! It also works in any country. If you ask us if Webfire is worth its price then the answer is YES!

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Here is the efficial webfire website

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If you would like to find out more about any of the providers listed above, we review them honestly, provide details of alternatives (as they may be more suitable for you) and also other services we use in our resources section.

By Adrian Fleming