Don’t you know, Customer Service and Social Media Are Best friends

Customer Service and Social Media Are Best friends - website

Service and Social Media Are Best friends, once again, “the people” have demonstrated that constant innovations are desirable and quickly adopted when they are right, especially in the world of technology.

As social media dominates many discussions around marketing in every business and is seen as an integral part in reaching consumers, customer service has taken the initiate too and therefore smart people and businesses are using the tools and techniques to good effect.

When Social Media erupted and became a household pastime companies widely accepted it and saw it as an opportunity to maximise its features and benefits, using it as a feedback mechanism to reach out and answer the concerns of their clienteles in real time, indeed, Social Media has been dubbed as an integral part of improving company-client relationship and even traditional not digital businesses, like the Royal Mail, use their Twitter account as a primary way to answer questions “live” – it’s a great way to get a quick answer to your postage questions (which if you are anything like me are more common now with all the size, weight and delivery options available).

As the customers and businesses get “closer” and communication is faster and move visible than ever before (good and bad) and everything online and even in the physical world is now interrelated and inseparable, everybody must adapt and develop strategies to keep all public facing material maintained and simultaneously be mindful of the proper social media “etiquette” that revolves around it.

Below are some useful tips and tricks in incorporating Customer Service in Social Media:

Stay Alert

You’ll never know who will comment and when on your social media pages. Anyone, I mean anyone, can post anything, – well unless of course you filter your settings to only a few people, which in turn defeats the purpose of actually marketing your site.

But the point I want to emphasise is this: not everyone will be happy with your products or services; there will always be unsatisfied customers and the best way to keep on improving is to have a positive two-way communication with them. And if you provide excellent support it’s often possible to convert an unhappy person in to a raving fan using social media and effective customer service.

?Being transparent, open and honest

As much as you would rather not get negative feedback or comments on social media (and not just on your own feed) and you would, in an ideal world, like to delete negative posts made by your customers, people who are not customers and are misinformed or maybe even your competitors, avoid deleting them because shows how open and trustworthy you are, the best line of defense is constructive response and the ability to rise above the situation and deal with objections and issue.

As long as the customer’s concerns are not abusive and defamatory just manage the situation and also remember, with the ease of access to people within a business now, everybody, and I mean everybody not just those in customer facing roles, have a duty to consider what they say and what they do on social media as everybody has to be in the customer service business.

Social Media Etiquette and Customer Service Etiquette are similar

How are they similar you ask? They are similar in a sense that both must uphold your beliefs or those of the business and support your ethics and brand messages too, how often to we see, read or hear about people posting on Twitter something that is inappropriate, has to be deleted and in some cases can loose somebody their job, even if the post is old – think about what you say and do, because with the internet historical content is far more accessible than ever before.

I always like to think about it in this context – “what would I do or say if I was standing in front of that person?” – if I wouldn’t say it to their face, for what ever reason, I shouldn’t say it on social media.

Be aware of what is said on social media by you and others, why it is said, if you could potentially upset or offend people, or if they are doing that to you. The best way to use social media is when you give honest, thoughtful and constructive support to people whether form a sales and marketing or customer support position and the best thing of all is you can help many more people faster and more efficiently using it, so it becomes your customer service best friend.

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By Adrian Fleming