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Be honest with yourself, there are so many aspects that impact on your ability to be successful as an entrepreneur, but on each of them, depending upon what your business is, if you are not honest with yourself, in the areas of personality, subject matter and ethics, then it will become obvious to your audience and customers, it’s also relevant if you have staff too, because if they are not a “good fit” for you, then things are not going to work as well as they should.

I know from my own experience that there are times when I have to do thing I am unconformable with, for example I am not by nature a “salesman” but sometimes I have to be that way, especially at events like an exhibition, which is fine because it furthers my ultimate goal and set of beliefs, but on other occasions I have had customers say they want me to do something that I know will not be successful and this is where I have to be honest with myself and actually say “NO”, my aim is to always help people succeed with my help.

In terms of staff and even business partners, I have had situations where their work ethic and desire to continually learn and improve is not the same as mine, this doesn’t make them a bad person, just not one who shares my personality or passion for a subject.

So, if you disagree with a client or prospect that’s OK, just make sure if you do make a compromise it is one that will deliver positive long term benefits for you both and that you will not feel it stopping you do your best work for them. If the benefits are only short term then walk away.

As an example, I don’t like to do things that I feel uncomfortable with and if I am morally questioning something I just will not compromise. Equally a compromise may be required based on the time it will take vs. the price, or it may be as simple as you know that is not where your best work is done, in both these cases I suggest you decline and stay honest with yourself.

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By Adrian Fleming