5 Techniques to Get Noticed On Twitter

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Today, the world has definitely changed and cliché as it might sound, technology has contributed a massive impact in shaping our society. Since the viral trend of social media, many have become more acquainted with what’s going on with the world.

Connecting with people is as easy as one click or simple keyboard stroke and though personal expression has been a taboo during the olden days, it has now become a vendetta for personal freedom and liberation from the conformities of status quo.

Among the top social media sites, Twitter has shaped a whole new Universe for micro blogging and since its existence; it has become playground and fantasy for a quick a creative writing. Politicians, Celebrities, Royalty, and just about anyone in the planet who wants to do a quick bouts of words, can join the club. Registering is so simple since it has a guideline—it’s literally a no brainer.

But maximising your thoughts in a limited number of characters can be pretty challenging yet it can be a very good strategic move since nowadays the attention span of people can easily be gone in a swift second. So, how then can you maximise your “tweets” and gain a number of followers?

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Here’s a rundown of the Five Techniques to Get Noticed On Twitter:

#1 – What am I going tweet about?

Anything! What’s so great about twitter is the free will to “tweet” whatever it is that amuses you or anything that tickles your fancy. Be it something informative or just a random thing that happened throughout your day, it is important that whatever it is you’re sharing, it’s something you care about or something that elevates your emotion to a whole new dimension.

#2 – Understand your target audience

If you want to get noticed, one must choose a target audience. Think about it, no matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, some will be entertained and some won’t. Thus, it is crucial to understand who it is you want to convey your message to. Is it something relatable to everyone? Or is it something that only a few can take hint?

#3 – Keep it Interesting

By the looks of it, the second technique is self-explanatory. Don’t beat around the bush. Be direct to the point. People don’t want to read long monographs of what it is you want to convey, they want something concise. But be aware though, that words have a profound effect on your target audience.

Thus, keep it enticing, compelling, and leave something for the imagination. So whether you end your tweets with a question, or a thought to ponder, it must heighten and stir the emotions of your targeted audience.

#4 – Be Friendly. Provide Links, Trends, and Hashtags

There comes a time in your tweet when you’ve maxed out your 140 characters. What then should you do? Thank God, there’s just thing as hashtags and links. If you can’t say everything in one piece, make sure you provide the necessary details which can help your viewers access the links or webpages. Also, remember to think of words that are common enough for your audience to easily search for.

#5 – Keep on Tweeting

It’s been tested and proven. Persistence is a key to achieving your goals. Remember, with so many people and organisations on twitter, there’s always a new tweet every few seconds. Next thing you know, you’re posts will be long gone and at the bottom of the page.

Not long ago in a recent study conducted, those who update their tweets frequently, have more followers than those who usually don’t, and I think common sense will tell us that this makes a lot of sense since humans as we are, many of us what something new and fresh.

Eventually, we were programmed to get bored and search for new zests in life, thus it is then safe to say that for one to get noticed, one must keep on updating, improvising, and innovating…and I don’t mean just on Twitter but in every aspects of our lives. Learn more about social media and blogging.

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By Adrian Fleming