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Free 7-Day Social Networking Training, there are too many people and businesses who have either not bothered or don’t understand the whole social network “thing”, or like I did, made sure the got their own names on Twitter, Facebook and the other social networks but done very little with them because they were too busy on other things.

Unless you are a social media pro, this free training is well worth getting, in fact some people or agencies would charge for what we give you free.

Well now is the time to do something as not being on at least the major social networks, is allowing your competition to connect with customers because like it or not, people are looking for help and suppliers in these places.

You also need to know that search engines like social media and therefore the sites on them appear high up in search results and you don’t want that person or company down the road, who are not as good and don’t offer the value you do, pinching customers now do you!

Because it can sometimes seem intimidating, decided to write a step-by-step 7 day “recipe” that anybody can follow, even the least technically minded, to get their basic information and branding right.

And because we know it’s important for all people and business, we didn’t want to have any barriers in place to stop you taking action, so this course is absolutely free.

We appreciate that each of the social networks have fantastic help files that will walk you through each step of creating an account, but it’s not just that you need to do, it’s the basic information and first steps you take that can determine things in the future and that’s what we are focused on for you, not a guide on how to set up an account, we are more strategic and business focused.

What we have done is create 7 PDFs that we will send to you, one each day, with information and tasks to do so that as you progress through the week, you can start not just get a feel for social media but also have a great foundation for anything you may want or need to do later, we also give away some trick and tips too that can save lost or time and money.

So today, right after you have entered and confirmed your details you will start the process in a way that sets you up for future success and in one day you will start to make a real difference to your online visibility and the influence you have over your friends, colleagues, peers and to potential customers too.

On day 2 we are going to make sure you have consistency in your brand and messages so no matter where somebody finds you, they will realise what you are about and what they can expect form you.

For day 3 it’s all about making things easy for yourself, we don’t want you to worry about social media at all.

On day 4 it’s content this way you can start to develop your voice and visualise your social media future.

Day 5 is going to introduce you to updates and automation, so you need not worry about things when you are busy.

On day 6 you can start to discover how to generate traffic, it’s easier than you might think and free too.

And on the last day of the free training, day 7 all you need to do is start to monitor the fruits of your labour (I say labour but it will be fun, easy and take very little time to do), so you can do what works from this point on.

So go ahead, all we need is your name and email address and we can start working together straight away.

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