Get People To Take Notice Of Your Video And Go Viral

Get People To Take Notice Of Your Video And Go Viral

Video get’s you noticed online, but you can, with these simple tips really get people to take notice of your video and the message within it, it will also help to make you go viral, which is an added benefit of video.

First of all, don’t feel you have to be the same as everybody else, especially with online video. All too often people are influenced by those things they watch, listen to or read and this includes online video too. Some people like to copy others, I suggest you don’t.

Think of something you can do, say, send or suggest that will make your clients and prospects take notice (so long as it’s not something that will harm your offering), but do it in a unique way and in a style that you can perfect over time, because it’s better to take action and do some video now rather than wait until you perfect it, as it just slows down your learning time and speed of results.

Some people have used the pattern interrupt at the start of their videos to get people to pay attention, this is a great example of a way to get noticed, juts look at the State Of The Internet Address to see

Make sure when you talk to the camera, if this live action style is one you do, you are talking past it, this helps project your personality, also imaging you are talking to a person who you are passionate about helping, that way, even if you don’t appear on camera, just have sound, you are more animated and engaging.

Finally, the best tip I have is to make sure that you do things naturally, for me that means planning what I am about to do and say but not scripting word for word the whole things, although for some this works best, it’s all down to the individual.

When I just talk, I avoid making mistakes and feeling frustrated, I also think it helps convey my passion for the subject, my knowledge and a small mistake or two is real and that’s critical if people are to believe what I am saying and the other.

So go and get your on-screen or voice over started and enjoy it, as I am sure your viewers will too.

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By Adrian Fleming