HASHTAGS WHAT? Twitter addicts, Facebook lovers and not to mention, Instagram fanatics are endlessly using hashtags on almost every tweet, post and photo. Wait, not just a hashtag but also a bunch of hashtags! What? I’m quite convinced that most hashtag users are plain users.

They use hashtag because it’s an increasing trend in the major Social Media sites. However, I believe that there are a very small percentage of people who use hashtag and really know what it means and what it does.

Here’s a brief getting to know session with #HASHTAG!

What is a Hashtag?

Any word or line prefixed with the number sign or what they call as a hash sign # is referred to as a hashtag.

What is a Hashtag for?

Hashtag is widely used to categorise certain words or posts to make searching and sharing easier. It also serves as a guide to follow certain people of similar interests or posts of similar topics. This hastens your subscription to forums or certain groups of people, things, events, etc. that shares a particular commonality.

The most understood and “celebrated” function of a hashtag is its ability to create a TREND, it can make posts, whether it’s plain text, a photo, video or combination of everything an instant global hit within seconds in some cases.

Since a hashtag it can make posts go viral it has offers you the opportunity to be an instant celebrity, which is seriously appealing and it’s not just for individuals either, this is exactly what every business is after helping them to noticed in the world wide market without having to wait, so seriously powerful, but also not that easy either as there is competition for those top trending spots.

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Other reasons hashtags are used for businesses and individuals include:

  • On advertisements moving messages form one media to another
  • To help coordination and tracking of content and media
  • To keep things organised
  • General promotion

You can also use Hashtag on the following sites (it’s not just Twitter):

and many more!

So there you have a simple introduction to the hashtag and why and where you can use it, but please share your comments below about other sites you know that allows the use of hashtag and why you use them.

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By Adrian Fleming