Hosting Issues and How to Avoid Them


According to the hosting companies, there are several common issues people have with hosting, here’s what they are a guide to solving them.

  • Email problems
  • Lost passwords and usernames
  • The server is slow
  • There are missing functions and software on the server that a website needs
  • Support is non-existent, slow or poor


We have our email on one of our servers and it is separate form most of our websites, that way we can optimise the severe for a specific purpose, which is one solution, but another is to use a service like Google Mail, which just keeps getting better and better and has so many more functions and plug-ins even we are considering a move to it for some of the addresses we have.

Lost Passwords and Usernames:

OK so this is an admin issue really, but passwords shouldn’t be easy to guess (no using the word password or your name now), so I suggest that you record the information you need and encrypt it securely and hold it in at least two places. To do this, we use a piece of software called TrueCrypt (, its’ free, open source, works on PC and Mac and can be used on USB sticks as well as other hard drives or cloud storage devices like DropBox.

The Server is Slow

Take a look at how large your website or files are and also speak to your hosting company too, because it may be that the bandwidth you are using or sharing is over subscribed.

The other thing is you could have a virus or other entity who have hacked in to your hosting (this can be especially common if you use WordPress and don’t keep things up to date) as they use your server to send out spam and run things they shouldn’t so keep an eye on what’s on and what is happening on your hosting service regularly and check your own site too every day (but is you access it through Google then stay on it for at least 30 seconds that way it helps your SEO).

There are missing functions and software on the server that a website needs

Check that your hosting service and the server operating system can take software it needs to ahead of development work. All too often I hear of people using developers who build something and then people realise that their hosting solution is not suitable and they have to move the site.

Hosting companies and programmers should be able to help you with what they need and what they can do, so take advantage of this in advance and save yourself time, money and stress.

Support is non-existent, slow or poor

If the support is not good enough, consider paying for better support or getting somebody involved that can help. If like me you are not a programmer, sometimes the people at a hosting company may as well be speaking to me in a foreign language, so what I do is authorise my programmers top access the account in advance (I fully trust them and they have worked for me, in most cases for years), that way we get things organised and sorted as fast as possible.

And if my technical guys say they are unhappy with the support they are getting for what ever reason, I will get involved and maybe even more to another hosting service, as I see no reason to compromise for a few £’s a month

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We always have people ask us what do we use on this site, so here are a few of the most relevant service providers:

  • To manage our audience and email communication we use: Infusionsoft
  • For most of our images, we use: Shutterstock
  • Our web hosting and domain registration is done by: 123-reg and Realhosts.
  • To automated and centralise our social media we use: HootSuite
  • To help with SEO and lead generation we use: Webfire
  • Video on this website is hosted on: Wistia

If you would like to find out more about any of the providers listed above, we review them honestly, provide details of alternatives (as they may be more suitable for you) and also other services we use in our resources section.

By Adrian Fleming