How To Avoid Being Ignored

Utilising emails and social media for online marketing

How To Avoid Being Ignored -

The worse thing that could happen to any business involving email and social media marketing is being ignored by your consumers. But all too often, people fall short and get trapped in this conundrum, simple because they fail to see what’s clearly obvious. With today’s complexities, most tend to look for the answers elsewhere.

In a state of an emotional agitation, many fail to step back and analyse what went wrong and instead they tend to get emotional and make wrong decisions which could greatly affect the company. What’s even worse is rolling out unnecessary expenses just to fix the hole in the wall when in fact; there are other ways in cutting the cost and being simply strategically creative.

Ironically, the strategically creative part is the tricky part of this dilemma but not to worry since, here are effective tools to help your messages be part of the limelight.

A. Email Marketing

  1. Direct Mails/Newsletters, it’s quite amazing that the trend of direct mails or newsletters is creating a buzz again but what is contained in these newsletters and direct mails, you say? Well, they contain updates, news, and basically what’s happening with in your company. Through these messages, your subscribers will know what goes on in the company, but one can utilise the use of direct mail and newsletters to get in touch with your readers since staying connected is truly what’s important.
  2. Promotional Updates, Promotional Updates contain specific messages such as price markdowns, specific product launch or campaigns which involves acquiring a reward or a prize within a given period of time. Through these updates which are a very effective tool for interaction and generating income can give a subtle message to your subscribers that your company is keen on innovating and reaching out to a larger demographic.

B. Social Media

  1. Diversify, don’t just settle for one social media site! Diversify. With so many sites to choose from, it’s better to maximise the free membership offered from these sites without any hassle. Moreover, each social media site targets a different market. LinkedIn for example leans towards the professional markets, while Instagram focuses on snippets or snapshots, and if one would opt to have all features in one setting, one can also choose Facebook, which allows you to post shout-outs, photos, and videos.
  2. Empathise. It’s unavoidable and there will be a moment that someone’s going to post a negative feedback on your page especially social media sites who allow commentaries. And though, one is tempted to delete these posts because of the bad publicity it might create but unless the customer using vulgar or foul language it would be best to control yourself and not delete them. Instead, empathise and ask further questions to resolve the issue. Not only will this action be good for your image but also show how much you care for your consumers.
  3. Constant vigilance. Be updated. An un-updated site is a big taboo if you want to position yourself and your company online. It doesn’t mean you have to keep on posting every second or every minute, but see to it that you do have an update every day, every week or every month. This would show that you would go an extra mile to establish communication with your customers and by doing so builds trust. Furthermore, being vigilant and keeping your site updated will save you from unwanted posts from irate customers. How so? By addressing their concerns immediately, it would implicate that your company is the type that strives for excellence especially in providing immediate answers and solutions to their problems.

Having an idea on utilising email and social media sites will greatly help in implementing the effective change for your company and it would be a great loss for those who do not apply these strategies since these tools represent a new era in shaping online marketing. Though these tools will not be “fail-proof”, what matters is to be mindful of the key notes especially by constantly updating your site since not only will you be able to preserve your loyal customers but also gain new ones as well.

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By Adrian Fleming