How to Do Successful Mobile Marketing

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Successful Mobile Marketing, because I have been for the last 8 or more years, been running successful mobile marketing campaign people always ask what to do and what not to do.

I have also had the pain and pleasure of, with a team of designers and developers, creating apps on phones well before Apple created the iPhone and the basic principles have not changed and the opportunity has just got more exciting year by year. So here is a simple to follow 11-step guide.

#1. You must have a mobile “friendly” website if you expect to maximise the results you experience, what does this mean:

  • Buttons are easy to press
  • Images are clear on a small screen
  • Text is readable
  • Navigation is easy
  • Video works (no Flash if you expect Apple users to view it)
  • File sizes are as small as possible (Strangeloop Networks say that if it takes over 3 seconds to load 57% of people will abandon the site).
  • Some people don’t have smartphones, so also consider this as that may be very relevant to your target audience.

#2. Make sure the what is delivered to the mobile device is useful or entertaining.

#3. If you are sending a marketing message out, make sure the recipient is wanting it, as things like text messages sent as promotions are rarely welcomed, even though they are often read and it can actually harm a brand’s relationship with that person I (just think about the PPI claim messages everybody seems to get, yes it may work for some but it also alienates many more people).

#4. Over 25% of all email is now read on a mobile device, so that too must be considered mobile marketing.

#5. If you can, add the local relevance to your mobile marketing, because with geo-location and GPS in many phones this can really drive footfall.

#6. Get people to ask for marketing rather than just sending it to them, this is really powerful. You can do this with QR codes, digital watermarks or Augmented Reality in print, by telling people to “Text to”

#7. Follow the rules when it comes to Data Protection and on top of that think about things from a moral perspective too, not just a legal one

#8. Make sure your brand and message is consistent on all your marketing, so what is happening online, in print and on TV or radio also fits in with what you do on the mobile

#9. Don’t get carried away with the technology or gimmicks, functional is almost always better in marketing terms and the fact that something is “clever” or complex, therefore gets PR attention does not make it a good marketing exercise, it also often cost a great deal too, which good mobile marketing need not.

#10. Use existing templates and services to deliver good, mobile websites, you will be amazed at how WordPress and similar services has really embraced mobile screens and allows non-programmers to do something that’s really quite impressive.

#11. Mobiles and social media go hand in hand, so make sure this is possible on your mobile marketing, so the good news and information you are sending out can be shared.

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Mobile marketing is ready for YOU now!

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By Adrian Fleming