How to Double Your Sales On Your Website

This video is how to at least deliver twice your sales with a really simple plan and it’s a plan that people at Apple and Amazon use to great effect and you could be using whatever you sell on your website whether it is actual product or information. So, here we go.

We start with a website, and it’s pretty common nowadays to have a website and have some sort of opt in for engagement, strategy and an ability to share that so it’s a key part of any web strategy and you’ll see much of that on this website but we really want to maximise this opportunity especially if you’re paying for things like Facebook advertising or google ad words or you’re using the social networks and actually spending your own money to generate those opt ins.

So, as we move from opt-ins, first and foremost we have to report on that and that’s a key benefit of a digital solution and a digital marketing because at the end of the day we want to maximise your return on your spend. So for every pound you spend, we want to make as much money as we can and this is a great way to do it.

So, obviously when you’ve got an opt in and an engagement strategy you want to put it an email sequence you want to put a general email sequence together and I say sequence because it’s really important not just to send a thank you email but a series of them and keep constant communication with somebody who’s taken the time and effort to engage into what you’re offering and opt in.

Now what you need to do is make sure that you have a general email sequence to anybody that opts in and I say sequence because it’s multiple numbers of emails, not just a single one to say thank you. Because that will get you more traffic in the longer term. But the most important thing and the real focus on this video is about getting at least twice the sales.

So what we do when somebody opted in, we give them an offer. So they’ve opted in, we present the video and we prefer the video as the way to sell because we know it converts much better.

Now, some people will take you up on that offer, other people won’t but that’s no problem, whether they take you up on the offer or not you should then offer them another offer. So what you end up with is the opportunity to sell twice, now some people say “I’m not sure if that’s a goo idea” but at the end of the day, you’re here to make money and as long as you don’t do it in a really aggressive way, it’s actually not a bad thing but there are times when people may not buy offer 1and they might not buy offer two, well they might buy offer one but not really fancy two, so you’ll see it’s 2A.

The option then is to say they haven’t gone for 2A or they have gone, let’s offer them 2B and this is where it starts to get interesting because all of a sudden, you’re giving them multiple opportunities to spend money with you and you can pick different price points so let’s look here, we’ve got offer 1and for example offer 1 could be 50 pounds offer 2 could be a hundred pounds, a bigger value item, that may work for some, it may not but offer 2B could be a smaller amount say, 25 pounds.

So, we’re now putting 3 different offers in front of them and if you look at Amazon, that’s what happens. They say you’ve bought this in the past you might like this, or you’re buying this here are two other things that people have bought what you bought or put in your basket have also bought.

And I always believed that someone at Amazon has spent an awful amount of time, money and research working at how many things they should offer you in addition to the one you’re purchasing, they picked 2 I picked 2.

So, whatever they decide to buy or not buy, we say thank you and because they’ve gone through this sequence, we then put them into a buyer sequence so again we give them alternative emails so they can be in the general email sequence but also in a buyer sequence.

So, what does that mean? Well, here’s the result: and it’s down to numbers, so before if you were selling just a product and you sold 10 of them of product A at 50 pounds each, you make 500 pounds but if you use this system now, you can have all sorts of connotations but here’s a great example.

So 10 people buy only product A and to start with, that’s 50 pounds each that’s still 500 pounds but now, 4 people may not buy A but they do buy 2A at 100 pounds each. Now, 10 people as before buy only product A at 50 pounds each so with we’re still at 500 pounds however we’ve now put in the mechanism for 4 people to only buy product 2A at a hundred pounds each.

We put the mechanism in place also for two to buy only product 2B at only 25 pounds each but two people buy products A and 2A at 50 and a hundred pounds each, two people can buy products A and 2B at 50 pounds and 25 pounds and actually one person in this example buys all products so at 50 pound, a hundred pounds and 25 pound product all of a sudden, we were selling 500 pounds, we’re now selling over 15 hundred pounds and if I tell you that this sort of system can see 6 times the return, then that starts to become really really powerful. So, there you are. Pretty simple and very easy to follow and I hope you make lots of money by doing it.

Thanks a lot.

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By Adrian Fleming