How to Invest in Constant Improvemen

Invest in Constant Improvement -

Invest in Constant Improvement, becoming an expert and bettering your own skills in today’s world is actually faster, easier and less expensive than ever before, it can even be free. It amazes me that most people just go to work, do their job and head home each day, seeing it as a job and nothing more.

It’s not the fact they do this, it’s the fact they are not investing in themselves and becoming a better employee or better still a better person and ultimately much more successful, not just on a financial level if that’s what they want, but in their efficiency, health or their understanding of those things around them.

I was lucky enough to live in Connecticut, in the USA when I was younger and one thing that had a big impact on me was the fact that there were opportunities to learn new things on a personal level, not just formal education as I had embraced at school and university level, so I quickly became a student of Tony Robbins before he was the hugely successful person he is today.

Even today, over 20 years later I am able to translate what I was learning back then and the hunger I had and still have for self improvement, in to my personal development every single day as I live here in the UK. Now if I hear somebody talk about a subject I know little or nothing about but find interesting I can quickly and easily learn about it in an instant.

More recently, it has become far easier to learn from experts, no matter where in the world they are because of things like podcasts, online training course and even webinars, this has really opened my mind up more than ever. I have virtually stopped listening to music and watching TV, which has little or no educational value to me.

Whilst I travel I learn, whilst I eat my dinner I learn, in fact even though most people think I am busy, which I am, I am always able to invest at least 12 hours a week to learning.

So what type of things have I learned, well as a marketing fanatic I always listen to things like and many of their guests too have all become influential for me too? I was always somebody who didn’t seem to have or make time for reading, but now books about people I admire whether they are business experts like Richard Branson, inspiration people form the world of sport like Bradley Wiggins, or film like Arnold Schwarzenegger and even lifestyle gurus like Tim Ferriss have educated me and have definitely shaped who I have become.

But what about more formal training, well that is a major part of what I do now too, as I invest in regular programs about marketing on a physical level, I am a member of programs like Strategic Coach with obviously benefits me, but also benefits my friends, family and those I work with ever single day and I even apply this desire for formal training to hobbies, whether it’s becoming a better skier or race car driver, I want to learn form the best possible people and it is a privilege to do this and use technology to make this possible.

If you want more form any area of your life, then I suggest you harness the power and ability you have as a human being to learn new things and enjoy the process too and capitalise on technology and people’s willingness to share information, because education is not something you should ever give up.

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By Adrian Fleming