how to solve a problemHow to Solve a Problem

How to solve a problem, one trick that could help solve any problem you may be facing, large or small, is step back for a moment and look for similar challenges that other industries have faced because inspiration often comes form outside your normal places of reference.

We all have problems form time to time and much as we may like to re-define them as challenges and opportunities we all know they are problems and we need to solve them as leaving them will not help so here is something I have found works for me in many cases and focuses my time, money and attention on the course of action I need to take. So what do I do and what could you do too?

I am lucky on many levels, but I enjoy a bit of fresh air, away form the computer, mobile phone TV and other electronic devices, so getting outside is perfect for coming up with a plan, I often find cutting my grass is a problem solving method.

Another trick I use is to do some exercise, I’m not as fit as I used to be and any exercise takes a great deal of my mind up and it’s amazing how often as I am thinking of how much the exercise is exhausting me an idea pops in to my mind.

The next solution catalyst for me is listening to a good podcast, I love to listen to things like and and these can be inspirational and refocus my thoughts.

Finally my last tip, which is not going to be for everybody but is my number 1 problem solving method is spending time with my dog Jimmy, no matter how tough things seem, he is always thinking of himself and wants me to play, not matter what the time of day or night, weather or problem I may be wrestling and as my focus shifts form stress to fun solutions become easy.

Take note – next time you take a break form what you need to get done, things can “pop in to your head” that are helpful as stimulating your physical body is scientifically proven to help you resolve mental problems and having something else to focus on, even for a few minutes is a way your brain can adjust and start to process things for the better.

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By Adrian Fleming