Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing: Which Marketing Strategy Would Work for Your Business?

Marketing is an important aspect of every business and company.  It could actually make or break your business.  No matter how good a product or service is if the marketing isn’t working, expect to fail. Your marketing determines the clients you could possibly have.

Every business needs clients and it continually craves for more clients. The way to get these clients is through effective marketing either inbound or outbound but knowing which is which is also crucial.

Inbound Marketing is the new marketing strategy that came to life along with the boom of Internet. It is the total opposite of Outbound Marketing as it deviates from the traditional tactics. For some entrepreneurs who are more adventurous and are not afraid of trying new methods, shifting from the traditional Outbound Marketing to Inbound Marketing makes sense.

In Inbound Marketing, you present yourself to your customers when they are searching for a particular product or service. It normally isn’t as expensive as Outbound Marketing but if you don’t know much about it then you could be hesitant and it could be costly.  This is where SEO and PPC add value and so have become popular these days and are continually drawing more and more attention from both small and large companies.

What’s good about Inbound Marketing is that you are continually marketing even if you are eating or sleeping. You don’t have to wait for  an audience, you can build one. Your marketing materials such as videos can go viral in minutes or hours, all you need is a creative concept that would attract the interest of the public; if you think you are capable of that then Inbound Marketing will serve you well.

Blogs, Social Media, Community Building, Event Sponsorship, Sponsored Events, Viral Marketing, Organic App Visibility and many more techniques make up Inbound Marketing and so the opportunities are virtually endless.

Outbound Marketing is the more traditional form of marketing. You being the seller initiate contact to your prospects and clients. If you have been in the business for quite some time then you are almost certain to have come across this and used it to increase your company’s revenue.

A great number of people still stick with traditional and some marketing people are also afraid of embracing changes but you can’t blame them, as they rely on what they know and understand. Outbound marketing can deliver enormous results letting customers see you, it’s a pro-active approach.

Big companies with highly trusted brand names still make use of Outbound Marketing so it’s without doubt a strategic solution, despite the price you initially have to pay, because things like advertisements on television, radio or in print have a lot of influence; trade shows, direct mail, tele marketing and email blasts are also part of Outbound Marketing.

Since a lot of entrepreneurs are so used to this way, the disadvantages might have been set aside, but you should make sure you know what these are for your specific business. Two other problems with Outbound Marketing are its inability to be easily tracked and to be eventually blocked by prospects; I’m sure you don’t want to end up in spam, in the bin or leaving messages on voicemail because that will almost certainly render your marketing totally useless.

Each business is unique and you have to determine which marketing strategy would work best for you, it could be Outbound Marketing or Inbound Marketing or at times both, the challenge is the decision as to what you will use, why and when, not the marketing method.


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