Instagram: A platform for businessInstagram: A platform for business

People are naturally drawn to photography.  Every picture tells a story,  it sends a message without the need for words, it depicts a meaning and stands for something. It could sometimes leave a lesson, a question or an inspiration.

Nowadays, a lot of people have become photography enthusiasts while others express an interest to get in to photography.  There is a massive demand for cameras, just look at how important the camera is on a smartphone, and the improvements and features seem to be endless too.

Built-in cameras have been equally good and can actually take pictures which could be perceived as professional photos, so is it any wonder millions of people have also been caught in the Instagram craze. Although Facebook and other social media sites allow you to upload photos, Instagram is a big hit and the number of users continually grows day-by-day.  For business minded people, Instagram is another opportunity because it is another platform from which to sell products and services.

The impact of Instagram could be very big particularly for beauty, wellness and fashion products. A women’s schedule these days could get so hectic that they tend to shop online. The fact that you could browse and shop with the use of your smartphone or tablets is undeniably awesome so event coverage, such as fashion shows, product launches, parties or any other gatherings, can be simply uploaded to Instagram and in just a couple of minutes, the word is out to the world, including those who are prospects and clients.

Another feature of Instagram is its photo editor. Editing can really enhance photos making your items more appealing and interesting, it is also a creative outlet too, so when you do things right on Instagram you could be flooded with inquiries from possible customers.

Aside from Instagram’s own editor, there’s a long list of apps available on Android and Apple devices which could be used with Instagram (that just shows how important Instagram is in social media); it’s amazing what these editors could do to photos and what the photos could do for your business.

Small and big businesses are growing to love Instagram not only for sales but for company interaction as well.  Friendships can be formed and developed in Instagram, just like any other social media site, however, we should also be responsible users. It is important to post photos which wouldn’t cause any harm or hurt to anyone. For businesses or companies, honesty with the items and products should always be maintained (no misleading editing now!).

Instagram can help to generate your revenues without spending a penny on advertising but always be responsible , think of it this way, Instagram can be used free of charge, just like Facebook, but since the platform and tools provide you with a great commercial opportunity, simply return the favour by using it responsibly.


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