Is Video Genesis Worth It?

Video Genesis

Coming up with good quality videos is perhaps one of the biggest advantages to propel your internet marketing agenda however, it could also be one of the biggest challenges.

There is a lot of video software out on the web which could help you but then again, choosing on which one would best suit your needs and wants is another challenge.

We were contacted about a video marketing software called Video Genesis that is claimed to be It truly powerful, useful and awesome.

Is it too good to be true? Is it really worth it?
So we have gone out and purchased is so that we can give you an honest to review of what we really think about it, and remember we are harsh critics here at on the claims made, the price and the actionable information provided.


One of the most troubling parts of purchasing new software is your possible and undeniable lack of knowledge on it. Admit it; you must have bought something once or twice which you really didn’t know how to use. This is where the importance of good training materials comes in.

Video Genesis provides thirteen (13) easy reference modules which will guide its users on anything and everything you need to know about shooting and creating videos.

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Let’s assume you already came up with high quality and extremely good videos. What to do next? Upload it in your site or somewhere else you have thought of but we all have a common goal.

We need and want a good number of audiences. After all, the videos are created for the audience to watch. Unlike most video marketing software, Video Genesis contains helpful tips and strategies on how you can build and increase your audience.

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Another important consideration when you are buying something may be it be a training material or something else, credibility and reliability are two crucial factors. The two men behind Video Genesis are Andy Jenkins and Mile Filsaime. They are prominent personalities and names in the internet marketing world. (You can google them for more information!) Thus, expecting a good quality might be an understatement. I bet they would never risk their credible names for a material that is not so reliable right?

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Well, provided that Video Genesis is what you want and need, the question now is – can you afford it?
We all know good software comes with a good amount of cash too. I think it’s only fair to say that its price is just right. Another good thing about it is that it offers two payment options. You can do a one time payment of $247 (about £165) or with three payments of $99 (£66).

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Before making your final purchase, checking and reading other clients’ feedback is another crucial step to take. Nobody knows a material better than those who have really used it. Video Genesis has a lot of good feedback. In fact, it is very hard or in my case, I didn’t get to find any negative feedback at all. (Let me know if you find one!)

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The final aspect is that even if you don’t buy the course you can learn so much with the free videos and download, so if you have any interest at all in improving your online sales and marketing then just check out the free stuff, because others would charge for things this good.


Video Genesis is really powerful, useful and awesome! Is it worth it? Oh YES!



By: Shaira Kaye

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