The Kolbe test review. Why should I take a Kolbe test?

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I say why should you take a Kolbe test, but maybe it would be better to say why wouldn’t you? Up until recently, I was sure I knew what I loved to do and also what I didn’t love doing too.

As with many of you out there, I am sure you too want to enjoy what you do but get bogged down with things that you feel are not the best use of your talents, so I thought I would not just review but talk you through my Kolbe experience.

As a member of Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach program, I was invited to take the test, at first I wasn’t sure what it would do for me, but after doing it I bought a test for my girlfriend Alison (yes not the most romantic gift but she gets plenty of them already and I knew being a very entrepreneurial person too, she would find it insightful).

The test is made up of multiple-choice questions and there are no right or wrong answers and it only took me about 20 minutes and how worthwhile a 20 minutes that was.

For all the entrepreneurial spirit I have, it was interesting to see how my personality was represented in areas such as the desire to research information, work long term on a project and be a key part of progressing tasks within a business.

I have to say, that my results, a Kolbe score of 4393 was no surprise to me, or Alison, and the 35+ years of research that has gone in to the Kolbe system I think, “nailed it”; most interesting however was the fact that my girlfriend Alison was not as she expected, but when we sat down, thought about it and talked to others, not only did she realise the analysis really did match her “inner” personality and natural ability, it was highly motivational too and as they say, these personality traits don’t change over time and should be a basis on which to develop what you do, how you do it and why to do what you do and as a consequence achieve more, in less time, with less effort and have more fun doing it.

So there you are, as you may have guessed, I highly recommend you take the Kolbe A Index test as it could, for just $49.95 make a massive difference to you and help you take the right decision for your personality.


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