Would you like me to tell you how it’s done?

would you like me to tell

OK, here’s a huge misconception that’s holding a lot of people back…

Recently a really smart person was interviewing me, she was interviewing me about cross-media trends and print, as she is a journalist for a well know magazine.

One of the questions she asked me was whether using interactive print like QR codes, augmented reality and digital watermarks was an effective way to add value to a marketing, advertising or PR campaign and if users of these technologies can profit by doing so?

I’ve heard a few people say something like “the costs are too high if you want to do a good job, especially on the return you get.”

Well, that’s a very interesting theory… except that it’s COMPLETELY WRONG.

The major thing those people are missing is how to use the technology that links print with digital content correctly and profitably. They are on the outside looking in and they are basing their opinion on what they have experienced or other people have experienced as a result of not knowing the simple and low cost things that absolutely work.

That’s a dangerous thing.

Remember… you don’t need to achieve poor results form any form on interactive print, or spend a fortune doing is, in fact doing it right is one of the easiest ways to make more profit from the same or less marketing, advertising, PR or print budget, and when you are in business this has to be something you focus on.

And trust me, there are ways to really “stack the odds in your favour” when it comes to any piece of printed promotional material with interactive print and avoid costly mistakes (in time, money and effort).

Now up above I have mentioned those people who comment but have got in COMPLETELY WRONG about interactive print not being profitable… the reason I can say this is that I get to see all the nitty-gritty “behind the scenes” stuff in a large number of these cases.

In some cases I have been asked to quote or look at many of them, sometimes on a contractual level, but more often than not on an informal basis when people are asking for a favour or some free advice on the email or phone.

But one way or another, I usually know the real results of the really successful interactive print campaigns.

IMPORTANT: this is something that I’ve never actually talked about publically before. In the past, whenever I have talked about interactive print, in all formats, it has been on a specific situation and also the results have been confidential, projects like:

The interactive issues of the FHM Collections and Q magazines

Why I worked with the Royal Mail to make their promotional mail pieces interactive.

What is seen as the most sophisticated, comprehensive and clever piece of interactive direct mail for Citroen.

Building automated systems to make the Telegraph newspaper fully interactive on each and every page.

And then there is the launch of iLove, the world’s print publication that showed what was possible allowing people to buy, share and get additional valuable content form every single item in the whole magazine.

But the reality is that these and many other high profile interactive print projects I have done, knowing the results, the good, the bad and the ugly of the whole process and much more, have real relevance to anybody doing or thinking about doing something with a QR code, digital watermark or augmented reality.

The fact of the matter is, that no matter what your market or your budget and with all the crazy ideas and misconceptions out there, the most important fact is that some people are, as the Americans love to say, “CRUSHING IT!” and the results are bigger and better than ever and profits are growing too because of it.

NOTE: As I’ve said, I’ve never revealed the “behind-the-scenes” stuff about the big campaigns before… and I told you why I’ve never done it. But I am starting to think that maybe I should open up a little bit… if you would like me to see me put together a free report or a video about the “big campaigns”, then write back and let me know. Just hit the reply button and send me an email – I will read every single reply I get. If there’s enough interest, then I’ll put something together.

In the mean time, remember – don’t get sucked in to doing interactive print where the costs are too high and the results are too low.


I’m really serious about this – if you want me to put something together some type of report or video with a “behind the scenes” about the big interactive print campaigns and how they were done and what the key factors were, then write back to me. Just hit send me an message to let me know.


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