How to Make Your Business Grow With Pinterest

Make Your Business Grow With PinterestMost of us are very familiar and likely use, to a greater or lesser extent, 4 social media “rock stars” – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. What a lot of people fail to appreciate is how powerful number another one is (it’s also number 3 behind Facebook and Twitter in the US now in terms of popularity).

Not only that, many people are seeing it generate the next best quality and volume of leads for their business after Facebook, this is because, and what a lot of people don’t appreciate, is that it has a and excellent page rank in it’s own right and the content on it is very highly regarded by search engines.

Pinterest is just like an online bulletin board that allows you and your audience to put something up, this can be images, information, even video content too it’s a simple concept but if used correctly is a great source of leads and useful too, which is why it results in amazing results.

What’s even greater about Pinterest is that the users have above average incomes, which means that they’re more likely to buy your product. So now I have built up the opportunity, here’s my 4 tips on how to successfully grow your business with Pinterest:

  1. Be very visual. Pinterest is basically a bulletin board where people put up pictures and links. For people to go to your links and websites, you have to make sure your pictures are attractive. Go for something that’s relevant to your topic but eye catching and if possible enticing, in fact a little bit of intrigue works wonders, so be bold and be creative and you will be rewarded
  2. Share your different interests and be likeable, never negative because Pintrest is a happy place with happy people, they tend to pin something because they like it and you want to appeal to that positive energy. Pinterest is a melting pot of topics, hobbies and interests from people all over the web, so put up interesting photos or quotes and allow people to tell you what they think.
  3. Make it personal. One thing companies forget is that people look for the human aspect of something, a good ideas is show something from your staff or perhaps something that happened to you, by making it look like your more of a human and less of a machine, you’ll attract more people, but don’t forget to make sure the pins are linked to where you want people to go, even if it’s back to your website.
  4. Optimise your profile. Here comes the business aspect of things. Make sure everything people need to contact you is in your profile and make it easy for them to do it. Add a phone number, an address and an email. The easier it is for people to find you, the easier it is for them to buy the products.

Just these four things alone make Pinterest a perfect business visual lead generation website, so isn’t it about time you set up and account, if you haven’t already, and start using it to drive potential customers to you?

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By Adrian Fleming