Peopel-who-create-great-videdo-websitePeople Who Create Great Online Videos – Use Them For Inspiration

We all know there are plenty of funny cat videos, people hurting themselves on skateboards and kids doing embarrassing things to be found on the Internet, but if you want to see how people use video online in a business context, here are 3 great people to watch and learn from.

Brendon Burchard
Brendon is not just a best selling author, he’s great at helping those who watch his video content and his production is simple, professional and easy to watch and I think inspiring.

Chris Harris
OK, so I love cars, but Chris is great on camera because he is able to really connect with a car fanatic and effortlessly share his opinions, he is a must watch motoring journalist that the public and the car manufacturers really value and it’s why every week over 100,000 people watch his latest report on YouTube.

Frank Kern
Frank is somebody who has used video very successfully in his rise to the top of the Internet “guru” market and you can learn a great deal by seeing what he does and how he injects comedy and personality in to it too.

First of all, if your content and story is that compelling, a video can be as long as it needs to be, I’ve watch and hosted many pieces that are well over an hour but it’s because the content, subject and the presentation is great and of real value.

These are the pieces of software that I use when creating video content and trust me, if I can use them anybody can.

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By Adrian Fleming