How to Profit form Interactive PrintProfit form Interactive Print

Have you seen that some businesses are making serious profit form interactive print? Would you like to know how to do this, the steps to a successful interactive item and also the components to consider?

I thought you might, so here is my quick guide, based on literally 1,000s of interactive print items I have done, using augmented reality (A/R), QR codes and digital watermarks.

It doesn’t matter what technology you decide to use to make your print interactive, from the free QR codes to A/R costing potentially £1,000s, the principles are the same and heavily grounded on best practice marketing.

At no point should you get hung up on technology and nor should you be worried about it either, it’s just a tool and worst case scenario, use the experts out there to learn from or even pay them a small amount for creating a QR code for you, producing a digital watermark (they only cost a few £s even though they are very powerful and hidden in images) or anything else.

The following are the elements you should (in fact I believe you must) consider when doing interactive print and by doing them you will immediately be doing a better job than over 95% of the people out there who use this technique to add value to some or all of their printed sales, marketing, advertising and PR material

  1. The type of print you are making interactive and why
  2. What results you expect from that print with and without the interaction
  3. The experience you are delivering through interactivity
  4. Lead management and customer relationship management
  5. The short, medium and long term goals of any interactive print campaign / project
  6. Learning for the results and improving them next time

If you take a look through the different sections of you will start to appreciate where you can use the skills you are developing, therefore allowing you to profit form interactive print, so good luck.

And just so you don’t miss out, I will be running free multi-part, actionable video training on interactive print in only a couple of weeks time (as I write this) so if you want to be on the early bird list, just join the VIP list and we will let you know as soon as it is about to go live so you can take the principles here, apply what you will learn and make the most of this exciting opportunity.

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