If you produce or use any sort of print for your business, this could be the most insightful and useful thing to read and learn from this year.

From what this PDF shares, you will be in a position to see opportunities that don’t exist in any other PR, advertising or marketing formats and it will also show you why there are a variety of misconceptions about print that, while others believe, you can exploit, knowing full well what to do and why can deliver results. What you will learn also helps with customer service too.

Having spent 20+ years in marketing, and more than 8 years in mobile marketing and 3 years studying and deploying print to mobile, “cross-media” or “trans-media” projects for all sorts of clients, large and small, it’s obvious to me, and to many others, that mobile marketing is gaining momentum and can not be overlooked. It’s also apparent that some people are just not getting things right and having the return on investment they deserve.

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mobile marketing success - MOBILE MARKETING SUCCESS

Every single day, we hear how mobile marketing success is key to your business in today’s economy, whether you are a local business or a corporate, it also seems like there is easy way to create a mobile website so it can be quite intimidating.

But let me help you with the, because when you download this free training and information, those fear can start to disappear and you can really start to focus on making mobile work for you.

In the free training, the background is covered, as is social networking and even email marketing, which are all relevant to mobile marketing strategy.

There are sections on the technology, the strategy behind a successful mobile marketing campaign, SMS and MMS marketing, help in the best way to plan and structure your site, device testing, network testing, interactive print with QR codes or augmented reality, cross-media marketing, mobile analytics and insight and much more.

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Do tablet and digital editions make up for the drop in physical magazine salesDO TABLET AND DIGITAL EDITIONS MAKE UP FOR THE DROP IN PHYSICAL MAGAZINE SALES?

We have all heard that iPads and tablet devices, not just the internet, are changing the media landscape, especially for newspapers and magazines; this is absolutely true, but having worked with most of the UK’s major magazine publishers and a few of the newspaper groups too, there are some things that I have noticed because when you accept what is shared in this free PDF, it could really help you build the right strategy moving forward.

What I have seen first hand will make total sense once you have taken a look at the free report, it may also make you think about things too in good and bad ways for print and digital platforms, because both have their place and there are ways to profit from each of them, if you know how. The other thing is that the changes in publishing are based multiple things like technology, consumer behaviour, commercial pressures and most importantly the culture in those types of organisation.

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Convert Print in to Profit - websiteHOW TO CONVERT PRINT INTO PROFIT

Convert Print into Profit, there are too many people and businesses that see print as a dying method of marketing or worse still, something that is very difficult to do, based on the measurable return on investment and I would like to help solve these two problems for you.

Having worked in print and digital marketing for over 20 years (yes 20 years in digital before the days of www when we had to use services like CompuServe), there are some really exciting things that are now possible and I would like to share them with you for free.

If you are wondering about my print credentials, which is understandable when the site your on is, I have owned litho and digital printing presses from companies like Heidelberg and HP Indigo and still spend, just on putting ink on paper, not paid for advertising, over £500,000 a year, so as you can imagine I am looking to make sure I extract as much value form that as I can.

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website - Free 7-Day Social Networking TrainingFREE 7-DAY SOCIAL NETWORKING TRAINING

Free 7-Day Social Networking Training, there are too many people and businesses who have either not bothered or don’t understand the whole social network “thing”, or like I did, made sure the got their own names on Twitter, Facebook and the other social networks but done very little with them because they were too busy on other things.

Unless you are a social media pro, this free training is well worth getting, in fact some people or agencies would charge for what we give you free.

Well now is the time to do something as not being on at least the major social networks, is allowing your competition to connect with customers because like it or not, people are looking for help and suppliers in these places.

You also need to know that search engines like social media and therefore the sites on them appear high up in search results and you don’t want that person or company down the road, who are not as good and don’t offer the value you do, pinching customers now do you!

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Free step-by-step guide to video for high conversion ratesFREE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO VIDEO

The free step-by-step guide to video guide, we call it the “Video Checklist”, was designed to help you create better videos, converting viewers in to fans, followers and ultimately customer.

The video checklist does this because contains a number of simple, actionable tips that can make you in to an online hit and best of all you can download it now as a PDF.

Because we have been doing web video for years now we have learned a thing or two through trail and error. We have also invested in a great deal of equipment and training too from people here in our offices as well as online video gurus.

We would like to pass on some of that practical knowledge so that you can use it to catapult your online videos above the competition and get things viral too, increasing the audience size as a side effect.

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