Run A Contest To Boost Your Marketing

Run a contest to boost your marketing website

Run a contest to boost your marketing is quick, easy and engaging, especially if it’s suitable for your target market and is a fantastic marketing technique too.

When you run a contest it will also provide the perfect list-building platform for your business and this is why people are doing this more than ever before. People love to be winners, they also love free stuff so a competition as part of your marketing mix and strategy is a fantastic tool for various reason.

First of all there is the viral nature of a competition, people will much more actively share a relevant competition with their friends, family and peers which is always a positive things and it also fits with my belief and I hope yours too, that if you give people something they will give you something in return.

Next is the fact that people will freely give you their details when they enter and so if you write your terms and conditions and privacy policy correctly this is a really powerful way to connect and continue to converse with a target market not just now but in the future and we all know that regular positive communication leads to greater sales.

Third comes the fact that a competition is easier to PR, again a way to drive at much lower cost, people to your promotion, something I have done for my businesses in the past with PR coverage happening in print and online once people find out about what’s on offer.

Make sure when you have a competition the prize or prizes are suitable and specific to your perfect target market and prospects because this will directly impact the quality of leads you collect. As an example I ran a contest for a women’s fashion magazine and gave away a Chanel handbag because it was a desirable, valuable and target specific prize, an iPad although of value and desirable would have led to entrants who do not fit my desired demographic.

Finally, although there are many more benefits to a contest to boost marketing, you can also promote the winner, so a second and logical way to start a conversation and show how kind, generous and thoughtful person you are to your whole audience, not just these that entered the content.

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By Adrian Fleming