What makes a good SEO person or company?

There are 100s of factors, but here are a few key points:

There are lots of people and companies offering SEO, but first and foremost a good one will be looking to form a long-term relationship with clients, not offer a one off service. There are plenty of people on sites like Fiverr or offering SEO and some are very good, but they are most likely focused on selling their services to you in the short term and for some people that’s fine, but it’s not my preference. I think a good SEO person or company is looking for a client, not a customer.

Next is the fact that the people doing the SEO are working from a pre-agreed plan, if there is no plan in place then the chance of success is massively reduced. Also there shouldn’t be a long-term agreement in place, that way if the plan is not being executed, for whatever reason, either side can “walk away” at any point.

Lastly, in SEO there can not be ranking guarantees, to start with its’ against the guidelines of services like Google, but more importantly it’s just not realistic, as somebody may be come in to the market investing more time, money and effort than you do or can, at a moment’s notice.

How many keywords or phrases should I have?

There is lots of talk about keyword research and some people put to much focus on the number of them, the most important thing is to balance keywords with results and this all comes down to budgets and time. For some keywords there is significant competition, so rather than chasing these, looking for and exploiting the “low hanging fruit” is a great tactic. It’s all about results and SEO budgets, the mechanics and keywords are just there to generate traffic and wouldn’t you rather get more traffic for less time and money invested?

I keep hearing about how Google changes the rules, how can I protect myself against this?

Let’s start by stating a very simple principle; Google and other search engines want to send you as much free traffic as they possibly can, as long as what you have to offer is what people are looking for.

By using honest content and SEO principles, you can be assured that all the search engines will “like” you and never want to exclude you from their searches.

What are the SEO secrets that people are not tell me?

There are no secrets, it’s the Internet and so having experience, an understanding of what works and what doesn’t is all that matters – oh and hard work.

If I do SEO can I stop paying for or avoid paying for online advertising?

I have heard of cases where even Google’s sales people have suggested that spending money on AdWords is not required as a website is getting to the top of the search engines organically (without paying to be there).

I would advise, however, that a well thought out strategy of SEO and paid advertising can really work for most people, just as I would also advise, even for an online business, that non-digital promotion has it’s place too.

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By Adrian Fleming