Smartphones outsell feature phones globally

Smartphones outsell feature phones globally - website

The most recent figures form Gartner show that, for the first time, the global sales of smartphones are larger than those of feature phones, taking 51.8% of the sales, so it’s not just the more technologically sophisticated markets now that embrace the benefits these types of devices deliver.

Also interesting is that Samsung are still the market leaders ahead of Apple, with 31.7% of the global market, also very obvious is the fact that Android as an OS is 79% of the total smartphone market compared to iOS at only 14.2%, but despite massive sales and marketing efforts Microsoft and BlackBerry are at on 3.3% and 2.7% respectively, which makes them an “also ran” and will further deter investment by developers in Apps for their platforms, however I am sure that Microsoft will be please to have overtaken BlackBerry, no they are still trying to find a potential buyer or at least find JV partners.

What is interesting however is that in markets like the UK and US, Android is only just ahead of iOS when it comes to market penetration, so looking at your audience and segmenting it more accurately than just working based on general global trends is definitely the way to make decision, just look at the hardware brands we in the UK are not used to seeing in tables below.

If, as expected, Apple are about to announce a lower cost model, Samsung will almost certainly come under pressure because of the Apple brand and its desirability, also services like iTunes are still dominant and in general iOS users are more valuable customers to App developers than even the larger Android OS community.

Figures form Gartner August 2013

2013 Market Share

Samsung 31.7%
Apple 14.2%
LG 5.1%
Lenovo 4.7%
ZTE 4.3%
Others 40%


2013 Market Share

Android 79%
iOS 14.2%
Microsoft 3.3%
BlackBerry 2.7%
Other 0.9%


Remember that although the UK market for phone still one of, if not the fastest moving one in the world for speed at which people change their handset, you should also take in to account what is being used on the market, not just sold, but it would come as no surprise to anybody if my advice was to focus your App investment on the iOS and Android platforms and just make sure you have a great mobile website with responsive design for the other device types.

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By Adrian Fleming