Now what-websiteThank You. Now what?

Now what? When most of the agencies out there are focused on brand and image building, it’s always a great idea to look at what the really smart “under the radar” people are doing.

Smart marketers are all around us, in print, on TV and all over the internet, but these people are not chasing metrics as most campaigns look to do, they are interested in the business and the profit, because paying bills requires money, not fans, likes or any other shallow gauge of popularity.

So what is it that the smartest marketers are doing, well I describe it as the “Thank you. Now what?” principle, others call it education based marketing. The best things you can ever here form people is a proactive request, one that means they have consumed what you are offering and want more of it, that’s because you have added value to them.

Marketing should, in my opinion, always be about not selling, but helping people to reach their desired outcome, this way people never feel pressured, they make up their own mind based on experiences, which is a far more powerful technique and the end goal is what they will buy in to, so the closer you take people to that point, without giving it all away, the easier the sale will be, let me give you an example.

Imagine you sell financial services. There are very few people who get excited about the prospect of giving somebody else money and not immediately getting something in return, so the focus has to be the ease of making money over time.

Take another very different example, fitness, which also doesn’t happen overnight, in this situation, no matter what is promised, a level of effort and time is required, so the dream is the end goal and the motivating factor.

In both these examples, the best possible way to get somebody to part with their money is to offer some, easy to do, actionable steps that prove what you are say will work over time and when the right type of person stakes action they will more one or maybe more than one step towards their ultimate goal and in doing so will trust you and instinctively want to know what to do next.

So you see, the “Thank You. Now what?” principle of marketing is exceptionally powerful, leads people towards the right conclusion and sale for both parties and is also relatively easy to do if you know how.

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By Adrian Fleming