The Perfect Formula For SalesThe Perfect Formula For Sales

The Perfect Formula For Sales, with any sales activity there is a perfect formula, as far as I am concerned and I will explain why. People in sales expect people to buy and all too often they do not realise that the price they wish to charge has to, nowadays particularly, be significantly less than the value you deliver to them, so I came up with the solution.

To many, what I am about to suggest is not comfortable, but to those that are confident in what they say, do and offer, it can be a revelation and the easiest sales technique ever.

The simple principle is this, I can do something for you and with you that has a value, if we work together then we can both benefit and the cost will only be half of the value. To show this in pure monetary terms:

If I make you £100 doing something you don’t do at the moment, with little or no input form you, I would like £50 of it, and so it’s a win-win deal.

In my opinion, if there is little or no risk then anybody who declines a sales pitch like that (and believe it or not it has happened to me) they are crazy and would not be a good partner, so it also sifts out prospects that will waste your time, money and expertise too.

The way I pitch the perfect formula is with some questions and I am looking for each of them to be answered, “Yes”.

Question One:

Do you want to make money with virtually no risk?

Question Two:

I presume you don’t want to invest very much time, money and effort in to things that, based on your understanding or lack of experience, may not work?

Question Three:

If a new profit stream exists, are you happy to share in that profit with those who delivered it, as that is totally fair way to do business?

Question Four:

You are willing to work with experts?

Question Five:

Are you happy that if things don’t work out, for whatever reason after at a suitable period of time, we part as friends and accept this profit stream it’s not for you?

Question Six:

If you do make good money you will want to continue to do so by working with those experts for as long as possible?

We will define what good money is together, so don’t worry.

Question Seven:

You accept you and your colleagues need to have some involvement, although not that much, so that you give profit a chance?

So there you have it, my perfect formula for sales. I appreciate that this will not work for all situations, but it’s very powerful and before you ask it has even been used to great effect by people who sell very large and expensive physical products, not just services, so consider this as a way to sell or at least adopt some of the lessons here, because to sell you must deliver more value than what you charge.

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By Adrian Fleming