The Value of an Online Survey when designing or refining your website

designing or refining your website

There are many ways to generate an understanding of what a people are doing on your website, like Google Analytics or something more sophisticated, but that requires website to start with. But what if you don’t have a website yet, or you know that your website is not right?

Well a great way to do pre-build and even post build website research is with a survey, which can be done on the street, but nowadays even more effectively online.

Survey companies have charged a great deal of money to undertake a survey but in your case you can harness this technique for virtually nothing, which is great news and means you can design your website based on actual wants and needs not assumptions. Let me explain.

You don’t need 1,000s of people to take your survey, not even 100s, all you need is for a few of the right type of people to give good honest feedback to some simple questions and this will help you design your website with the user in mind.

There are a number of online survey and questionnaire provider that have free and paid for options, the one I have used in the past and is really simple is Survey Monkey (, but equally there are others that you can find an evaluate by just heading over to Google and search for online survey.

The most important part of any survey is the questions and you want honest feedback; in my experience you are better to ask three to five questions not ten or more and to give people multiple choice answers and a feedback box if they want to tell you more.

So here are my top tips for writing those 3 to 5 questions:

Only ask one thing at a time and making sure each question clear and easy to answer.

For example

DON’T ASK: “Looking at the current trends there are many different website building software solutions offered but which is best?”

DO ASK: “Would you recommend the MyWebsite system a) Yes, b) No


“If No please offer feel free to suggest an alternative service that allows non-technical people to build and manage their own website”.

Don’t ask leading questions

For example

DON’T ASK: “I have looked at various prices for web hosting. Do you think that charges for web hosting are too expensive?”

Do ASK: “With the variety of web hosting packages available from companies like 123-Reg, is a VPS solution with 1 CPU, 512MB of RAM, a 25GB Hard Drive and unmetered data transfer using either Linux or Windows for £9.99 per month a) About right b) Too expensive c) Too cheap”

When you have created your survey, feel free to ask people you know to complete it and use social media to as this should help you get much more feedback.

The other thing you may wish to do is give your survey to a selected group of people you are targeting, companies like Survey Monkey have a service to help with this too so you can decide the type of person you are looking for down to number of people you want to take the survey, if they are male or female, their age, income, location and much more.

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By Adrian Fleming