Things to avoid when doing SEOThings to avoid when doing SEO – they don’t work anymore

The search engines are not interested in how many links you have to your website, but they are very interested in the quality of links to and from your website. So in SEO quality will win over quantity every time.

Using terms not relevant to your content.

The was once a time when using words and phrases that were not related or that were only loosely related to your website (remember the days when terms like “Pamela Anderson” were added to totally unrelated content to get people to visits, or is it just me that’s’ old enough to remember this?) If people visit your website from a search engine and less than a few seconds click back, then the search engine takes not of this and logs the fact that what they searched on was not found, so your site is not of value. I personally only want the right people visiting my websites and you should too.

Article spinning (rather than re-writing them)

People think that slight modification of a written piece of content, sometime automatically (called article spinning) does wonders for SEO, that’s just not true. There is no problem in re-writing an article and posting it in a relevant place, but do so in a way that makes it readable and of value to a reader, it will also then support a good link to your website that will add SEO value.

Using Google translate to help ranking

Just like poor article spinning, automated translation systems that translate what you have written make little sense to those who speak that language and most of the time your article will not offer the same value to a reader, so don’t do it.

Hidden terms, tags and keywords

If you want to highlight the fact that your website or a specific page is relevant, make the on page SEO easy to find for a search engine and also for a reader, so no white text on a white background, as this only suggests that you are trying to hide what you are up to. Being overt with your SEO is no bad thing and just accept that you need to design a page to incorporate this without impacting the overall design too much.

We always have people ask us what do we use on this site, so here are a few of the most relevant service providers:

  • To manage our audience and email communication we use: Infusionsoft
  • For most of our images, we use: Shutterstock
  • Our web hosting and domain registration is done by: 123-reg and Realhosts.
  • To automated and centralise our social media we use: HootSuite
  • To help with SEO and lead generation we use: Webfire
  • Video on this website is hosted on: Wistia

If you would like to find out more about any of the providers listed above, we review them honestly, provide details of alternatives (as they may be more suitable for you) and also other services we use in our resources section.

By Adrian Fleming