To Use Hootsuite or Not To Use Hootsuite: Which is Which?

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To Use Hootsuite or Not, nowadays, regularly updating social media accounts and steadily being on the lookout for trending topics is an absolute need not just of individual users but especially businesses. Entrepreneurs and business owners can’t help but be drawn to the power of Social Media.

It has offered an alternate platform of promoting company’s products or services for the general public to view without paying ridiculous prices on print, television and radio advertisements.

You don’t even have to pay a high profile celebrity to build up your image or endorse a certain product but rather, the consumers themselves are given chance to interact with each other and provide feedback in an instant.If you really think about it, it’s pretty amazing what Social Media can do thus, it is a must for it to be properly managed.

Hootsuite is the most overused name when it comes to Social Media Management. It’s probably one of the pioneer tools used to manage various Social Media accounts in different Social Media sites.

If you are already tired of having to constantly update your Facebook posts and tweets manually then there is no doubt that you will be impressed with what Hootsuite can do. Although, there are already other Social Media management tools available on the web, a pioneer always gets its way.

Like many of you, time is of the essence and if we can schedule everything out to keep things organised and simple, we would. This is the prime reason why we make use of Hootsuite. As a user, we are able to tell you in depth why you should love it and why you should hate it. This product review could probably help you make up your mind up on whether to use Hootsuite or not to use Hootsuite.


Since Hootsuite is quite a popular tool, you can easily search on how it works. They also came up with innovative tools to help their beloved users. Once you avail any Hootsuite offer, you also get to have access to quick tutorial video which will sum up everything you need to know about the tool. If you go to You Tube, you could also easily look up for user created tutorials. Aside from videos, Hootsuite has a blog you can check for updates and post your feedback.

You can also resort to community forms to check on what everyone is saying about it and the best thing is you can ask rescue from other people in the forum in case you get stuck on anything in Hootsuite.

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Hootsuite is super easy to use! However, it wasn’t an easy start for me and some other people could have gone through the same thing. I wanted to upload a photo on one of the pages I managed in Facebook but it wouldn’t let me do it. As an impatient user who has used more complex programs, I was just extremely unhappy about it but the solution to my problem was also plain simple.

After adding a twitter account, I was able to successfully upload a photo. It needs a host for the photos you want to upload on the pages you manage and twitter is one the hosts it makes use of. It could be stupid mistake but it could also be because the interface is a bit tricky. It’s tricky in a sense that it’s really easy to use once you completely figure out how to use it but you must first get through the tricks it could play on you.

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Since there are already a number of other Social Media management tools out on the web today, why do you think Hootsuite is standing still amidst the competition? The answer – features.

If you have a BASIC package, you’ll enjoy these features:

Note – Hootsuite is a champion Twitter tool! It is highly packed with fantastic sharing tools.

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I’m sure you know you can use Hootsuite to manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts but wait, it doesn’t stop there! You can actually use it to update your Linkedin account. Sounds pretty awesome right? It gets even better than that. Now Hootsuite has the ability to add Instagram in its dashboard. We’ll soon teach you how to do it!

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I hate to break this but this is the ultimate downside. Many people thought of using Hootsuite because they think it can increase likes, viewers or followers of their accounts and pages. The ugly truth is it won’t. Hootsuite is a management tool which means it helps you get rid of your clutter in the Social Media world but not necessarily drive traffic.

It’s another challenge for you to take on how you can make your social media content enticing and interesting and come up with new strategies to drive more people to your account. Once that part is set, you can expect help from Hootsuite to make it organised.

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No need for further explanation needed – YES, you can make use of Hootsuite with ease at the comforts of your own smart phone or tablet.

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So what do you think? Use Hootsuite or not?

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By Adrian Fleming