Using Instagram for Business

Using Instagram for Business

Using Instagram for Business, Many people might think Instagram is just one of those come and go things in the social media world, but they have it wrong.

What was once a simple app with a small fan base has developed into a huge phenomenon that has changed the social media world entirely.

The trend now is to become more visual. Though words are very important, sometimes it doesn’t come across as quick or as clear as an image.

Because of this, business owners are starting to realise that Instagram for business is actually a very good idea.

When you have a business that involves clothing, food, lifestyle, home furnishing and other goods, you depend on selling your products through how they look. Exposure is done through images and photos and what better, and easier way to spread those around than Instagram.

Not only is Instagram purely focused on photos and videos but it also promotes activity from followers. The company might not have intended it initially but Instagram is actually built for easy business. Simple, fun and easy to use, this new social media has been creating quite the buzz in the community.

If you want to create a business of your own or promote your existing business through Instagram, here are a few tips:

  1. Don’t underestimate hashtags. What looks like an unnecessary mixture of words is actually one of the best tools to use in business. Hashtags are actually great tools to figure out what people are talking about and what’s on trend. Look for the most used hashtags to use on your photos and make it easier for consumers to find you. Instead of just advertising your Instagram account, use hashtags to have people find your product through a specific keyword search. The easier it is for consumers to find your product, then the more sales you will have.
  2. Post interesting and fun images. It’s one thing to post your product on your account but another thing to make it look interesting and generate activity. Add effects, or even have something interesting and unique in the photos themselves. Just make sure you don’t offend anyone or have nothing to extreme. You want good feedback and good press especially if you want to sell something.
  3. Generate conversations but don’t be obnoxious. It’s nice to let people know of your account and your product but never bombard other people’s Instagram accounts. No one likes it and no one will want to visit your site if you do. Generate conversations in your accounts through hashtags or politely comment on other people’s photos. Make sure they are relevant to their posts and relevant to your business as well. You want them to be interested and curious of what you have to offer, not block you straight away.

What was once just a simple app for taking photos and adding simple effects has now boomed into a world of business ventures. Instagram has taken the social media world by storm and it looks like it has no plans of stopping.

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