Video SEO is loved by search engines

Video SEO is loved by search engines.

Video is a great way to get noticed because it’s easy for people to consume and it’s loved by the search engines too, so it’s logical to use it whenever possible to boost your chances of being found on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Research organisation Forrester says that it’s 50 times easier to get front-page Google rankings with video that with text, the reason is that they are meant to be more difficult to make than simple web and blog entries – or are they?

The first thing to note is the competition out there is far less for valuable search terms with video than it is with text and images and you don’t need some fancy video either, just take a look for yourself and type “SEO” in to Google and see how much time money and effort people are investing with their sites, but when it comes to video, things are very different and it’s not just in internet specific terms either, why not try a term like “how to bake a cake”, when I did in a home made video on YouTube out performs the BBC on the main search page and has got over 62,000 views so far!

How to bake a cake

Just like with a blog or website there are things you can do to make the search engine’s job easy and here they are:

A video site map
SEO relevant video description that is keyword friendly
A transcript of the video, if people are speaking in it
The ability to share the video using social networks
A URL that makes sense to the search engines which is also SEO relevant

So get out your video camera, iPhone or other video capture device and start using video as a way to out rank your competitors and promote to your potential customers when they head to a search engine.

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By Adrian Fleming