What brands are trying to achieve in their marketing?

What brands are trying to achieve - website

By speaking to over 100 well known brands in the UK over the last 12 months and also every single major media buying agency in the UK too, we have been able to come up with a simplified list of what they are trying to say to customers and potential customers and achieve too, so here are our findings in a nice simple format, so you can see where they match what you think.

  • We need to communicate with as many great prospects as possible.
  • We don’t mind spending what we do, but maybe we are not getting the best returns on our investment.
  • We want to start a “conversation” with buyers and potential buyers, collecting their email addresses and personal details especially when they are part of my target audience.
  • We want to drive people to my online and physical retail stores to buy, not search or get distracted by other offers or brands.
  • We want to get people using my M-Commerce site because we know it will be profitable as our website is now and we realise there are other advantages too.
  • We want people to use the social networking things we have in place and share their likes virally.
  • We want to have more say and influence in how I am presented editorially.
  • We want to know what will be in the press and media ahead of time so I can plan.
  • We would like a celebrity or perceived expert to endorse what I have and encourage people to buy it.
  • It would be great to get more people watching our videos.
  • We would love to do more video but there are not enough high quality outlets for it with significant traffic.
  • We would love to know what things are most influential to our audience.
  • We would love to know how people use print media, including newspapers and magazines, as it will improve my ROI.
  • We would like a way of promoting to people on a continuity basis, not just as a one off with disseminated messages and structure.
  • We would like to be able to customise an offer to people as I learn more about what works for them.
  • We would love to create my advertising more cost effectively and make it specific not generic.
  • We would love to be given information and feedback about what we are presenting in all print, just like our digital marketing.
  • We think PR works, but we are not 100% sure how well or why.
  • We have too many separate bits of information, all of it in one place and organise so we can learn form what we have found out would make a massive difference to our business and save us money too.
  • It would be a real benefit to get my product or offers in to the hands of a potential customer when they want it, not on mass.
  • We would love to sell off the page, screen or audio broadcasts
  • We want to take pre-orders or back-orders when the item is not available.
  • If we can sell directly, that is of real interest, avoiding the margin loss we often have to accept.
  • I am not sure my agency is the right one for me.

By looking at these questions, there are many aspects that can be easily resolved with a strategic approach but at least there is a consistency in the requirements across all types of people, size or organisation and industry segment.

We always have people ask us what do we use on this site, so here are a few of the most relevant service providers:

  • To manage our audience and email communication we use: Infusionsoft
  • For most of our images, we use: Shutterstock
  • Our web hosting and domain registration is done by: 123-reg and Realhosts.
  • To automated and centralise our social media we use: HootSuite
  • To help with SEO and lead generation we use: Webfire
  • Video on this website is hosted on: Wistia

If you would like to find out more about any of the providers listed above, we review them honestly, provide details of alternatives (as they may be more suitable for you) and also other services we use in our resources section.

By Adrian Fleming