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Essential Internet Marketing Truths

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As some of you may know, I am a GKIC member and my latest investment in their fantastic range of marketing material is:

Essential Internet Marketing Truths

Keep an eye on website.co.uk because once I have gone through the training and applied the principles in the UK, I will be able to share with you how well it works here.

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Jaron Lanier - website.co.ukWho Owns the Future by Jaron Lanier

Some people I know and respect for their online insight and creative talent have told me to read this book.

so it’s on it’s way form Amazon and as soon as I get a chance I will let you know what I think about it right here at website.co.uk

You can get your copy from here

Pow Town - website.co.ukPowToon

I keep seeing some great cartoon videos online and have come very close to paying the $2,000+ for one for a couple of my own businesses, but this new service promises something similar for far less, and we can do it in-house.

So rather than saving money and hoping somebody on Fiverr can do what I need and because I know what I want and how I want to present it, we are giving PowToon a try.

We will let you know how we get on.

Create Awesome Interviews - website.co.ukCreate Awesome Interviews

For a long while now I have wanted to get in to Podcasting but have never found the time to really go through all the technical options and develop a plan, so I have decided that with website.co.uk now if the time to do that and so I have invested in this program.

As always, I recommend that even if you don’t want to buy the course you take a look at the FREE STUFF that will help in your online business and with David, his video training series will be not just high-quality, but also actionable and of real value, unlike some of the other info products out there.

And as always I will let you know how it’s going and I hope that you will soon hear the result too.

Create Awesome courses - website.co.uk

Create Awesome Courses

As well as the interviews course, David Garland has also done a course on creating courses, which sound like it could be perfect for me and many of you out there, so even though it’s costing almost $1,000 I will be investing in this too based on the promise to deliver all of these things, which makes it incredible value:

  • How do you make money from your blog/web show or podcast?
  • How do the top personal brands & “mediapreneurs” generate revenue online?
  • How to turn your platform (blog/web show/podcast/.etc) into revenue by creating your own online course
  • The exact steps to turn what you already know into an online course that sells 24/7
  • How to create, promote & profit from your own online course
  • 5 steps to coming up with an online course that SELLS

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Video Genesis - website.co.uk

Video Genesis

I am a fan of Andy Jenkins’s and have the Video Boss Course amongst other things, so when this new course was announced it sounded like something I should buy in to, so that’s what I am doing, and the fact that they say its’ a value of $1,997 for only $247 makes it even easier for me to part with my hard earned money.

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To Use Hootsuite or Not - websiteTo Use Hootsuite or Not To Use Hootsuite: Which is Which?

To Use Hootsuite or Not, nowadays, regularly updating social media accounts and steadily being on the lookout for trending topics is an absolute need not just of individual users but especially businesses. Entrepreneurs and business owners can’t help but be drawn to the power of Social Media.

It has offered an alternate platform of promoting company’s products or services for the general public to view without paying ridiculous prices on print, television and radio advertisements. Read More…

Can Webfire Really Boost Your Site’s Traffic? - websiteWebfire: Can It Really Boost Your Site’s Traffic?

Being on the first page of search engines is likened to oxygen for many businesses these days. It has become more than an add on to a company’s marketing strategy but an indispensable necessity that should be constantly achieved day in and day out. One of the software that has created a buzz is Webfire.

It promises what every business is after of – a spot in the first page of Bing, Google or Yahoo and not only that, it actually tells you that it’s possible to do it in only 7 minutes and see its incredible results within 24 hours! Interesting right? Read More…