What’s Your Hat? Is It Black or White?

What's Your Hat websiteOne of the most important website considerations in having increased traffic, or chasing an elusive spot in Google’s first page, is SEO and every entrepreneur dreams of instant results, instant traffic and instant profit, something the web “gurus” have done and still do today.

But in the competitive world of SEO, impossible is nothing. Thanks to what are known as “Black Hat” techniques, you can easily achieve your goals in an instant BUT since “White Hat” methods, the longer and much more crooked road to SEO results, is considered the legit way what would and should you end up doing? Before you make your choice if you have not used SEO yet, here’s a simple and easy to understand comparison between BLACK HAT AND WHITE HAT.

BLACK HAT SEO is defined as the use of aggressive techniques to get higher web rankings. This used to be an accepted method but some people went overboard and Google didn’t like this. Although, Black Hat methods literally give you the traffic you want faster above anything else, please just remember that these techniques aren’t widely accepted now and may end up backfiring.

Some Black Hat techniques include the following:

  • Blog Spamming
  • Cloaking
  • Doorway Pages
  • Hidden text
  • Link Farms
  • Keyword Stuffing

On the other hand, WHITE HAT SEO is considered as the legitimate SEO technique, it makes use of safe and fair ways to get rankings but almost certainly takes a longer time to get the traffic desired compare to Black Hat, but once your are “up there”in Google you should be there for longer.

These are the White Hat techniques that are commonly used:

  • Internal Linking
  • Link Building
  • Guest Blogging
  • Quality Content
  • Site Optimisation

Your business matters to you which basically explains why you want to explore ways of driving more traffic. At this point, Black Hat could be a very tempting and promising offer but just always remember the potential pitfalls. White Hat techniques may take more time, effort and patience which are essential things that also apply to business and life, but they do reap the benefits longer term so make sure, when you go out to get search engine rankings, choose your hat carefully!

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If you would like to find out more about any of the providers listed above, we review them honestly, provide details of alternatives (as they may be more suitable for you) and also other services we use in our resources section.

By Adrian Fleming