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I keep hearing from “social media experts” about what I have to do, that the number of followers, likes and friends I have is essential in today’s cross-media businesses world, but I would beg to differ.

My reason for doing anything is to support my desire to achieve a specific outcome and normally in business this is all about operating efficiently and profitably and at no point would I use statistical bits of information, like followers, as a guide to success.

I see social media fall in to three categories, one I am just not interested and two that I am, so here goes.

Category One: To help sell products or services (I love this one)

The great thing about social media is that it’s actually quite easy to find people who are looking for what you have to offer; in fact some people make £10,000s a month just connecting people with affiliate products. If you are savvy, you can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, even Pintrest, YouTube and Instgram to make sales and therefore money with the click of a few buttons, here’s how with Twitter:

Let’s imaging I help people start their own beauty salon or business

Head over to https://twitter.com/search-home

Now, from the screen you will see, let’s type in the box “start a beauty business”

website.co.uk Social media

All you now need to do is check out who’s asking about the subject you specialise in and help them and offer them your services and in some cases people are asking all the time, so this is a ready made source of “warm” leads.

The other things to do is make sure that any social networking you do is being helpful to people, so if they find you they will consider you a good person.

Category Two: Customer Support (This is great and can save a great deal of time money and frustration inn business)

People find social media a great and none threatening way to find out information, so using it as a way to support you potential and actual customers is perfect, take for example the way the Royal Mail use Twitter to answer questions.

All the social networks are a place where you can support customers and potential customers with all sorts of information, with FAQs and responding to specific requests and questions.

Category Three: Popularity (I have yet to be convinced by this, but am willing to be proved wrong)

There is always a lot of hype about this area of social networking, but I see things this way; if you post and try to sell on your Facebook page, you are competing with people’s friend, family, genuine passions, funny cat videos and plenty of other brands for their attention, so you better be good at what you do and post as many times a day as possible in the hope you will be noticed.

If you are generating content with the aim of promoting our business, make sure you have some way to get them on to your website or blog and collect their details, for example their email address, this way you have a chance of really connecting with them on your terms, because if your are anything like me, I love to spend quality time with my friends, many I have known since school and some people I meet online I hope to meet in person some day, but really I want to turn most of my virtual “friends” in to customers.

The most important thing is that what you are blogging about is relevant and of interest to your audience, adding value to them (the time they spend reading, listening or watching your post is time that can never be reclaimed), the added bonus of this is that your post is more likely to go viral.

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By Adrian Fleming